My classroom!

As you can see in the picture, this is the layout of 1st year D classroom. My tutor teaches English and Science there. The tables are arranged in 5 groups of five, there are 5 students per group. This arrangement was done in January, last term students were sitting in rows individually. The new arrangement […]


In this photo we can see that all the tables are placed in groups of 4 to 5 pupils. On the left side are the hangers, and above there is a noticeboard where they put papers, essays, flash-card, picture, stickers… There is also a blue and white tool box where is the laptops, which they […]

My classroom layout

lady-era pills First of all I have to say that this picture only belongs to the English classroom, as a consequence of this all of the materials and resources are in English. As you can see in the picture the English classroom layout is per pairs, that is to say that the children are sitting […]

Description of my classroom

Hi everybody! I am going to tell you some information about my class. I am teaching in second of primary and first cycle of infant (3 years old). My teacher is specialist in English and she teaches many subjects as English, science and arts only in these classes. My classroom has: Twenty six small tables […]

Olivia’s classroom

                This is the class where we develop our lessons. It is the class of second of primary, where my teacher is tutor. We have an English lesson with the children of first of primary.  Normally in the schools that I done my other practicums, the English teacher […]

My classroom

    Hello everyone! Here I present the class where I am doing my practicum. I’m always in this class except when I have to teach children from infant (one hour each day) or when I have to do some substitution in another class. In my class there are twenty-three students (eight boys and fifteen girls). […]

My classroom

My classroom is 3rd B of primary. I am with a English teacher and we teach Science, English and arts to all 3rd pupils. Also, we reinforcement contents to some students of 4th. Now, I am going to show a picture of my classroom where I am most time: Here you can see the class […]