My school

Hi guys! I am going to talk about my school’s practice. Its name is “Los Almendros” and it is in Rivas-Vaciamadrid. It starts the lessons at 9:30 am and finishes at 16:30. It has half hour of free time and two hours to eat. According to public transport and its communication, you can go by […]


Hi everybody! I am going to tell you some information about my school practice. The name of my school is “Alvarfañez de Minaya” and it is a bilingual and public school of Guadalajara. It has two stages of learning: infant education and primary education. The school opens its gates at 7:30h; the school day is […]

Information of my school

The school where I am doing my Practicum is Andrés Segovia. This is a public school and it is not bilingual. It is situated in Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid. It has two stages of learning (infant education and primary education). It is a small school and most people who go to this school are middle-class […]

Presentation of my school

Hi everybody!!! I hope you all are happy with your practice and what you are having a good experience. I would like to tell you about my school since I am in the school for two weeks and have seen several interesting aspects. In first place my school is called “Cristo de la Salud” and […]

My school

Hi everyone! I am going to tell something about my last practicum. I am doing it in the public and bilingual school García Lorca, in Alcalá de Henares, close to my town. This school is for infant and primary education. This school is constituted by four buildings; the first one is for infant education, the […]

Basic information about my school

The school where I have the third Practicum is “Colegio Lope de Vega”, this is a private bilingual school, and it belongs to “Comunidad de Madrid”. It offers different stages of learning: infant, primary, junior and senior. The campus is situated in Alcalá de Henares, near to the historical center. About their facilities: They have […]

Ocejón, my school!

Hello everyone! My school is called Ocejón. It is a public bilingual school and was the first to be bilingual in Guadalajara. This school is only for Infant education and Primary education. I am teaching the second grade of Primary where there are children of seven years old. My tutor of practises has a total […]

A brief description of my school

Hi guys! In the first place, my school is called “Isidro Almazán”. This state school is located in Guadalajara. Specifically, in Buenafuente Street situated in the old district of Manantiales. The district is restricted by the Henares River, Francisco Aritio Street (The old N-II) and the line of Railways Madrid-Barcelona. What’s more the school opens […]

My school, Iplacea

Hello everybody! I am really enthusiastic with this experience because I have never been in any English lesson and I am discovering really interesting things to do in my future as English teacher. I am doing my practice in a public school named Iplacea. This center is situated in the south of Alcala de Henares, […]