My Routines :)

Hello everyone! What about your practicesa t school? My practical lessons are being really good! I´m so happy at school and my little children are wonderful. I´m going to tell you the routines that we use all days in class At the beginning the teacher and me we say hello and good morning to everyone, […]


The routines used by my tutor are appropriate for students because it allows students to “connect” with the English in a fun way. My tutor has several routines. To begin the class, always greets and says “good morning”, asks how are you? and students have to answer her. Also, she asks for the date it […]

My routines: a big surprise!

Hi everybody! During this time I have had the opportunity to teach a science topic about the animals.  For that reason I established routines in addition to use the rest of the routines already implemented. First of all, they have two hours per week to work in groups (cooperative work). Only we work in cooperative groups […]

My routines

To start with this topic, I have to say that my tutor has several routines that students follow very well because they are children from 6th year of primary and they have old enough to do, although my tutor also teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th and also have some of the same routines that older […]


Hello! Today I am going to talk about the routines in my class.   Routine 1 (5 years) In Infant education, every day before starting the class, the helper (student that helps the teacher) counts how many boys and girls are in the classroom. Also, the helper tells how is the weather like and what […]


My routines First of all, I want to highlight the difficulty of finding a good routine for your class. Because a good routine will favour the security feeling in the class and it is an essential base to work together with the pupils. However, in the other hand, a bad routine can produce to loss […]


Hello everybody, I am going to talk about the routines of my classroom. In the last month I carried out three routines in my classroom. These 3 routines had successful and I feel very happy for the reactions of the children. – First routine: My first routine is very entertainment for my children. Because, at […]

Routines classroom.

Those weeks, I have developed new strategies o routines in my classroom. The first one has been the assembly.  It is a worm up activities where the children have got the opportunity to change their mines to English language. It is not a new routine for them but if is longer than before. Although is […]


Hello! I was thinking a lot in which classroom routines would be better for my pupils. In the first place the teacher is already using two routines. The first one is to keep silence, he raises his hand and he puts his finger in his mouth, then the pupils imitate him.It is a nice and […]

my routines!

Hi everybody !!! Today, I am going to talk about routines in the classroom. I am doing my practice in a second of primary so there are very important incorporate some routines for improve the functioning of the class. The different routines we have in class are:   1)    routine to introduce the week   […]