Rewards I thought that children must have a reward for their behaviour and effort. My children are in groups. Yellow, purple, star, red, green and blue. My reward is for all the member of the group. Each group has on the wall one goose game. They add maximum 5 points and minimum 0. There is […]

Art & Craft

I would like to dedicate my post to share with you something that caught my attention in the school. During my practice period I have seen lots of different and wonderful works to do in art’s classes in third course of primary. All of them are handicraft that students make.  I consider that it is […]

My reward

Good evening. I have created a system of reward of two kinds: individual and collaborative.   On one hand students had a collective reward if everybody had a good behavior during the lesson. This reward consisted of that the last five teen or ten minutes of the class if students had had a good behavior […]

System of rewards

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Today, in Cardenal Cisneros University my classmates and me have made a mural. In this, we have written which areas we considered the weakest regarding language competence of our pupils. Here you can see a picture. It has been interesting for us because we have checked that the most students coincided in the weakest area.

my remedial task

Students had some mistakes in some areas. They wrote some words bad, verb tenses were used wrong and vocabulary was not translated well. Therefore I have created three activities for they will improve these areas (vocabulary, writing and use of the English)   These activities are three games which students will do it in groups. […]


When I spoke to my tutor about this activity, she told me to create materials that could introduce in their classes and to serve me for my future as a teacher. So I do general resources for the class. Principally I have used those resources in my time (the assembly) where I work with children […]

Stages in the lessons

Hi! I going to describe two English lesson of my tutor, analyzing the stages. The first one covers presentation, application and closure. Presentation: He revised key ideas and concepts at the beginning of the class. He made games with the vocabulary and the tenses(I can… or I can’t…) using the flashcards and the wordcards( rollerblade, play football, […]

My three resources

Hello everybody, I am going to talk you about three resources that I have used in different sessions of my classroom. The first resource was a Power Point about forces. I explained different types of forces, forces that act at a distance, like magnets or gravity and contact forces, like kick a ball. I used this […]