Three resources

 Built our healthy eating pyramid According to the content of lesson that I will teach children in the English class is taking about the healthy food what should we eat in the dairy life. Then I have prepared some food’s pictures, such as cake, chocolate, meat, bread, apple, and so on. I also have prepared […]

classroom routines

There are many routines in my classroom: Firstly, the children have to form a line to wait for the teachers out of the door of the building, which is block of 5-6 cycle of Primary Education in the morning and after having a rest. After the classrooms´ doors are opened, the children can go to […]

Description of my classroom

    The classroom of 5 grades A is on the third stories in the building. The classroom is very commodious and you can see 25 desks and chairs in the room. There are 6 huge windows therefore the classroom is very illustrious. The classroom layout is very classical that the seats are allocated individually. […]

This is my school- Garcia Lorca

My third Practicum’s school is Garcia Lorca what is a public bilingual school where is located in Alcala de henares and it is found in 1982. Garcia Lorca is in the zone of Chorrillo and near to the railway station. The school provide Infant Education and Primary Education. When we entry the campus, we can […]