Three resources for the classroom

After observing and talking with tutor, I decided to make these resources. We used all of them in our lessons; they were very useful and successful. Behavior table.“Doggy” is a dog who needs us to feed. For feeding it, they need foot points and change them to a bone. There are four basic classroom’s rules […]

My classroom routines

For me, a “successful” routine should be accepted by children and has very good effect. I discovered that the majority of classroom routines are about quietness, but we can focus on many things. An acceptable routine should have several conditions: be interesting for children, easy to do, be repeatable and produce positive effect. According to […]

Classroom’s organization

This is a happy place for all of us! It is a very clean and orderly classroom. A clean environment is the most important part of classroom’s organization. This classroom is not very big, but it makes full use of space. Like we can see in the picture, there is a traditional blackboard and a […]

Basic information about my school

The school where I have the third Practicum is “Colegio Lope de Vega”, this is a private bilingual school, and it belongs to “Comunidad de Madrid”. It offers different stages of learning: infant, primary, junior and senior. The campus is situated in Alcalá de Henares, near to the historical center. About their facilities: They have […]