Hi everybody!   In this post, I am going to talk about some resources that I have used in my lessons. The first one is for class control and the other two resources are for learning new knowledge. Calendar I started with the resource for class control because it is an easy way to keep […]

my routines!

Hi everybody !!! Today, I am going to talk about routines in the classroom. I am doing my practice in a second of primary so there are very important incorporate some routines for improve the functioning of the class. The different routines we have in class are:   1)    routine to introduce the week   […]

Description of my classroom

Hi everybody! I am going to tell you some information about my class. I am teaching in second of primary and first cycle of infant (3 years old). My teacher is specialist in English and she teaches many subjects as English, science and arts only in these classes. My classroom has: Twenty six small tables […]


Hi everybody! I am going to tell you some information about my school practice. The name of my school is “Alvarfañez de Minaya” and it is a bilingual and public school of Guadalajara. It has two stages of learning: infant education and primary education. The school opens its gates at 7:30h; the school day is […]