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Nasal sprays may also ease congestion, though prescription steroid sprays such as flonase or nasonex require a visit to the doctor s office.

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a total of 594 adult patients ages 18 to 86 years received nasonex nasal spray 50 mcg at doses of 200 mcg once or twice daily for up to 4 months for treatment of nasal polyps.

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in two clinical studies utilizing nasal antigen challenge, nasonex nasal spray, 50 mcg decreased some markers of the early- and late-phase allergic response.

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nasonex is a prescription nasal spray used to prevent or relieve the symptoms of seasonal or year-round allergies, or treat nasal polyps.

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if you have a sore in your nose, have surgery on your nose, or sustain an injury to your nose, you may need to wait to use nasonex until it is healed.


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