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Treatment with digoxin was discontinued due to a spontaneous conversion of the atrial fibrillation into sinus rhythm, and furosemide 20 mg d 1 was initiated due to her cardiac failure.

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over a 6-hour period, furosemide induced dose-dependent increases in urine flow and sodium excretion rates mean – sd , from 51 – 17 ml h at baseline to 89 – 29 ml h, 110 – 38 ml h, and 183 – 58 ml h f 10.

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sixty patients group b were given a continuous infusion of the solution of mannitol, furosemide and dopamine; the infusion was started within 6 h mean 3.

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14 day , as compared to furosemide 20-40 mg daily 0.


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María Santos Ramón

About María Santos Ramón

Hey everybody! I would like to introduce me… I am María Santos Ramón and I am 21. I am from Spain and I was born in Madrid. I live in Rivas-Vaciamadrid with my family, it is a nice town situates in the south-east of Madrid. I consider that I am sociable, responsible, curious and smiley. But, I think that my hobbies can define me a little bit more. Some of these are: skiing, watching series, spending time with my family and my friends and travel. Every winter, I look for some free time to go skiing, because I really love it and I enjoy too much when I practice it. Each night I usually watch series in the TV or in my laptop before going to sleep, I like the comedy and thriller series, because I need to laugh or to be expected about what is going to happen in the story, otherwise I can fall asleep while I am watching something… As I have said, I love to spend time with my family and friends and collect great moments with them. And finally, I like travel, I would like to take a bag and go around the world, because I would like to see the different places of the world and know the culture and traditions of other people, taste completely new food, etc. I have had the opportunity to visit some countries like United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary and Italy, but I need to visit more! Nowadays, I am studying the last year of Primary Education to be teacher. I am studying this degree, because I really love teach and children, I know that I wanted to be teacher since I was a child and I have had the chance to check that is my ideal job, because I teach to some children like a particular teacher to help them with the subject of the school or of the high school. So, I am really excited to finish the year and get my great dream, since I was a child and taught to my dolls, BE TEACHER!

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