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Non-arylamine sulfonamide derivatives, such as torsemide, have been proposed to have a lower risk of allergic reactions in patients with sulfonamide allergy, presumably due to lack of an arylamine group at the n4 position a proposed structural site of action for sulfonamide allergy .

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torsemide has been studied in controlled trials in patients with new york heart association class ii to class iv heart failure.

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there have been no reports of overdose on torsemide, but possible symptoms of overdose include dehydration, severely low blood pressure, hypokalemia, confusion, a ringing sound in the ears, unexplained bleeding, and seizures.

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no overall increase in tumor incidence was found when unat torsemide sodium was given to rats and mice throughout their lives at doses up to 9 mg kg day rats and 32 mg kg day mice .

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these potential interactions with torsemide have not been studied.

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there was no fetotoxicity or teratogenicity in rats treated with up to 5 mg kg day of unat torsemide sodium on a mg kg basis, this is 15 times a human dose of 20 mg day; on a mg m 2 basis, the animal dose is 10 times the human dose , or in rabbits, treated with 1.


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