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To start with this topic, I have to say that my tutor has several routines that students follow very well because they are children from 6th year of primary and they have old enough to do, although my tutor also teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th and also have some of the same routines that older students and children are able to perform them well.

One of the routines is the greeting. As my mentor is a teacher of English, she teaches children different ways of greeting in English, when she comes to class asks a question and answer students cordially. It’s a good way to practice the greeting in English and not always say: “Hello, how are you? I’m fine, thanks “.

Other of the routines she has is how children should go to the bathroom; it should always be at the top of the class and thus won’t interrupt during class. They also have to ask in English, they have to know how to do it and not always ask the same way. For example if a child wants to go to drink water, have to say if I could go to drink water.

The last of the routines is to collect when the class of artistic ends, just five minutes before class so they can clean the tables if they have been spotted, etc.

Mireya Sierra Durán

About Mireya Sierra Durán

Hello! My name is Mireya Sierra Duran and I live in Azuqueca de Henares, a town of Guadalajara, although it is a fairly large village and is very similar to a city. In my free time I like to practice some sports, being with my friends and my boyfriend, spending time with my parents, listening to music, being with my family but especially being with my little cousins​​, and a lot of other things like spending days in the field, go to the beach and go out to the party. I am studying this degree because I've always loved kids, I think they are the happiness of our lives. And I think with a good education of children, the future can be better, so I like to help these children to improve the world in which we live, add my bit. I think that it is a very complete job, I like helping and I like kids, so I think it's a very good mix. I'm wishing to finish studying to work on it, because studying what we like, we will never have to work, it will be like a hobby.

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  1. Mireya, I’m afraid the response is not satisfactory, as you were asked to practise these routines (or any other you would find useful) in class, and let us know about the results and how you felt using them. The information you give is just a description of the routines your tutor usually does…

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