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To start with the vocabulary of item 6 on the English class, my tutor told me I could do whatever I wanted to teach the children, so I looked the books and materials that were used in class and thought about doing something they did not have normally.

As I saw in the class have the digital board, I thought it would be good to use with children, so I dictated them the new vocabulary words and they had to write what they understood on the digital board. Then together, they said if it was right or wrong every word written. They really enjoyed working with the digital board because it was something new and very useful for working together.

After that I offered then a worksheet I made with pictures. They had to make it through deductive reasoning and using the words written on the blackboard, also they had to paint the worksheet and so it would be more entertaining.

I sent home exercises and the next session I teach them a power point I made with images and vocabulary, so we used the digital board and they could see the English through ICTs.

I made some flashcards because I saw that the text book didn’t have them, so I thought it would be something innovative for children and so, they loved working with flashcards that are very useful for grammatical structures and new vocabulary. So we were able to review what they learned the previous session.

Finally, the last resource that I introduced was to work with the interactive activities on the cd of the text book. They never use it, so I thought it would be a good idea. There are many activities on the CD that belong to each topic of the book, I chose that I found most interesting and we made ​​everyone in the class with digital board. The kids enjoyed a lot because everyone can participate.

I think the resources were very useful because children learn vocabulary without problems and now they want to work with the new methods introduced.

Mireya Sierra Durán

About Mireya Sierra Durán

Hello! My name is Mireya Sierra Duran and I live in Azuqueca de Henares, a town of Guadalajara, although it is a fairly large village and is very similar to a city. In my free time I like to practice some sports, being with my friends and my boyfriend, spending time with my parents, listening to music, being with my family but especially being with my little cousins​​, and a lot of other things like spending days in the field, go to the beach and go out to the party. I am studying this degree because I've always loved kids, I think they are the happiness of our lives. And I think with a good education of children, the future can be better, so I like to help these children to improve the world in which we live, add my bit. I think that it is a very complete job, I like helping and I like kids, so I think it's a very good mix. I'm wishing to finish studying to work on it, because studying what we like, we will never have to work, it will be like a hobby.

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  1. Mireya, from the activities you mention, we can gather that you created a worksheet for the IWB activity, and flashcards. The last activity is not a resource you have created, because you took it from a published CD. It’s a pity you don’t include photographs to support your description and you don’t reflect deeper on the use of these resources in your classroom…

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