Three resources

  •  Built our healthy eating pyramid


According to the content of lesson that I will teach children in the English class is taking about the healthy food what should we eat in the dairy life. Then I have prepared some food’s pictures, such as cake, chocolate, meat, bread, apple, and so on. I also have prepared a pyramid. Firstly, every child has to choose a picture what they like from my envelope. And then they should remember their pictures. Secondly, they will put their pictures to the right site on the pyramid depended on their imagination. Thirdly, they are going to open the book and read the text about talking the healthy eating pyramid. Finally, they would go to correct their pictures to a right site if they did something wrong.

My idea is not only building a healthy eating pyramid, but also knows about how to say these foods in English through this little game. I think it is successful. Firstly, it provides children easier access to understand the content because this lesson will be very bored if I don’t prepare this material. Besides, it also arouses children’s interesting and motivation. They concentrate on their own, as a result of, they are willing to know about their answer are right o not.


  •         Flash card to review the grammar of unit 7


When they prepared the exam of unit 7, I had prepared an activity with some flash cards to help them to review the grammar about “be going to” and “will be”. They have been divided 5 groups and each group would choose a flash card, which I have written a wrong sentence. Then every group could correct the wrong grammar of this sentence.

It is successful and helpful, even if the children don’t interest in play this game. Actually, it helps children to review the grammar and helps children to prepare the exam.


  •         PPT about the Unit 8



From this week, I teach children the Unit 8 in English lesson. So I prepare a PPT, including two parts: One is talking about some vocabularies of food with some pictures, for example: junk food, healthy food, ingredient, and so on. And other part is the explaining of grammar “First Conditional”.

I think it is successful. This material is clearly and it contributes children to understanding a so difficult grammar. And I have written 3 different forms in my PPT to explain. To my surprise, a majority of children understood it and they could make a first conditional sentence through my PPT. Overall, I think it is very helpful.



Qinxin Lai

About Qinxin Lai

Hi, everyone. My name is QINXIN LAI. My Spanish name is Cristina. And I come from China and my city town is called Chongqing where is located in the southwest of China. It’s a beautiful city. But now I am living in Alcala de henares and I have been there for 5 years. Because of I am studying in the CardenalCisneros, majoring Primary Education degree. When I have a free time, I like listening music or watching film. Moreover I like swimming, playing badminton with my parents and so on. Particularly, I like travelling in the holidays, for I not only visit a lot of beautiful landscape, but also I can experience the different cultures in variety cities. Furthermore, I can take excellent photos and I can catch the beautiful moment when I am in travelling. I love children. They are very lovely, frankly. And in their life, there are very simple. I think if I had a chance, I would be a teacher in Primary School and I would teach to them, talk with them and play with them. I would be happier too. So I decided to study the EFL Primary Teacher Degree. But why I am not study in China? Firstly, I want to study Spanish, due to the Spanish is a third language in the world and it will be popular in the future. Secondly, I want to know about the different educational system and the different teaching methods out of my country. And when I come back China and work in a Primary School, I can use them. I think it will be a useful and unforgettable experience to my future.

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