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During my practices time, I taught in sixth course the topic 7 of science “The 20th century and world today”. To work this topic, I made many resources. They were varied, practical and creative.

Firstly, I created a prezi to work the topic in a different way to the traditional method; Prezi may capture more the attention of the students and it helps to the teacher to teach the contents (always that Prezi is not saturated with effects and distract from the main purpose “teach the lesson”). The Prezi was carried out with diverse information from several books, encyclopedias and multiples internet resources to complement the knowledge that was provided in the student’s books. More specifically, it had diverse videos, timeline, pictures, text and interactive maps. It was successful because of it was new to them and it got their attention all the time as I said before.

Secondly, I made a study guide to strengthen the topic. In it I selected the most important contents of the topic. It consisted on twenty-nine questions that they had to answer. The materials that I used were the student’s book and my prezi. It was practical to them because they studied better the topic and I could check it daily with the questions that I asked them.

Study guide 1        Study guide 3

Study guide 2

The last one is a list of Europe capitals. I wrote the countries, their languages and their gentilic. Subsequently, the students had to write the capitals what help them to study in an easier way. The results were positive because when I asked them the capitals they knew most of them. To note, that I complemented the lesson with an interactive map to reinforce this knowledge. 

Countries and capitals of Europe 1


Finally, I would like to add that I created several materials to work their previous knowledge, to teach the contents and to assess them. Furthermore, in reference to the teacher’s work, I performed and corrected some exam’s questions. This latter was new to me and I consider that it was a great opportunity to me like trainee



Susana Bernardo Madrid

About Susana Bernardo Madrid

My name is Susana and I live in Daganzo de Arriba. However, I study in Alcalá de Henares. I spend my free time reading, travelling, going out with my friends, watching films, among other things. I study primary education with english mention in Escuela Cardenal Cisneros. This is my last year, I can't believe how fast time has passed. When I was ten years old, I decided to study this degree. I decided it because of I wanted to help other people sharing my knowledge with them and learning new things from them. Nowadays, I am doing my last practicum, in which I am learning how to teach new contents through a foreign language (English). I think that it is very practical to my professional future and I wish to learn a lot about this opportunity. I'll be sharing things with you about my new experience.

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