Description of the materials applied

I have decided to use some resources for Science lessons at the present time, which is the main subject where I am teaching. As a matter of fact, this writing is about my different ways to apply resources on the job training with 4th year.

The first day, I experienced nerves, why not say it… but the next days I taught them without doubts and also, I went ambitious, so you don’t know what will pupils asking you, for this reason you can improve your English… the truth it was easy peasy.

  •  One of them, were oral presentations resources.

This section gives pupils the opportunity to hypothesise and discover answers for themselves.

On the one hand they were practical experiments which contain step by step instructions, for example, firstly I used different containers, fruits, liquids and balloons to show if matter has shape and volume, later they carried out an investigation which solids form a homogeneous mixture with water. On the other hand they did a typical presentation using cardboard like a showed them as example about the three states of the matter.

 9-3-2014 12.3.41 29-3-2014 12.3.20 1

  • The second one, were slide presentations.

 I used for give pupils the opportunity to gain broader perspective of topic, the option of listening to the texts and see many videos and discuss each slide before doing it collectively.

For example, I did a “pptx” presentation about mixtures, changes and the unit’s review before the exam.

9-3-2014 12.3.14 4 9-3-2014 12.3.30 5


  • The last I used were concept maps.

I think these ways are good of collecting information.

I did a concept map about natural and manufactured materials on the board before I put it in the unit’s exam. Also, I did a concept map to develop the unit at the review lesson (the last one lesson)

 I think materials were successful because children learned many difficult contents by using them. Also, I can say that, in my opinion these resources weren’t innovative but they were interesting, because the unit which I taught them was the lasting one and I used different ways than my teacher. Then, I could see how students showed interest for those lessons. However, I think that I’ll work different innovative resources next time.

That’s all for now.

See you soon.

Jorge Martín Francia

About Jorge Martín Francia

My name is Jorge and I am going to tell you about myself. Firstly I give you my basic information such as I am 21 years old, I live in Alcalá de Henares but my hometown is Zamora. To sum up my introduction, I think it is important to know my main interests which are reading mystery books and history magazines, listening to music, travelling in my car around Spain’s towns, doing sports like football, cycling and running. Nowadays, I am studying Primary Education in the last year and I have chosen EFL as a speciality. I felt that my decision to become a teacher had been right a long time ago. I also knew right then I have still a long way to go. No matter what the underlying motivation to study a second language, what cannot be disputed is the fact that motivation is an important variable when examining successful second language acquisition.

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