My routines

Routine 1: The first ten minutes in the morning, we speak with the students about what happened yesterday, or if they want to share something with the class, they can do it at this time.

This routine makes children more confident with the teacher. It creates a healthy relationship between teacher and students.

I would say that this routine is really good for everybody, because all the people can express themselves and they can share their concerns.  At the same time, they help each other and their relation improves.

Routine 2: To keep silence when children are speaking aloud, the teacher keeps silence and raises her hand. The students also raise their hands and they keep quiet. When everybody is in silence then the teacher continues with the lesson or the exercises. This routine is an example of respect. The students respect the teacher therefore this routine works. I think that you need respect in the class and it is a good way to keep silence in class because the teacher serves as an example and the students copy the teacher.

Routine 3: When the students perform successfully activities in groups (all the class participate), then they earn a Blumi. They have a card with squares and they have to fill the card with the Blumis. The Blumis are school stamps. When students have completed the card with the Blumis they earn a reward. I think that positive reinforcement works better than punishments.


About Gabriela Arriero Montoza

I'm Gabriela and I'm from Torrejón de Ardoz. My hobbies are riding a horse (my horse's name is Jardinero), watching TV series and making desserts and cakes. I am studying EFL Primary Teacher Degree because I think this is a beautiful profession. I like kids and I like to teach them also I think English is one of the most important languages of the world.

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