My own classroom routines

Hi everybody, now I am going to talk you about “classroom routines” which I have carried out in the classroom.

I have been using routines that my teacher was already using and other that I have incorporated in the classroom. My experience using these routines has been satisfactory. Children have done everything that I asked them.

In my opinion it is important for them to know some routines and how to do them properly, of this way learning is easier and faster for them because they know what they have to do when the teacher ask them. Before I came, children knew some routines which the teacher taught them and they are usually doing them with me.

I have used some classroom routines like to do a dictation every Monday. I read a text and they copy it in their notebooks. Also at the beginning of the lesson I use to correct the exercises, as my teacher. Although, I have used my own classroom routines every day after correcting exercises, I have reviewed the content which I explained during in the previous lessons asking some questions about it to the children.

Another one classroom routine that I have incorporated in the classroom is to ask students when they are answering the exercises, why do they think that their answer is correct, for example, if they are doing some grammar exercise, they always have to answer saying the rule, of this way they will be able to remember better the content.

Pupils have reacted positively and they do everything that I ask them. They usually remember all about the contents that they learnt during in the previous lesson. For this reason, I feel so good because I can see how they learn, understand and remember everything that I teach them.

Rubén Crespo Martínez

About Rubén Crespo Martínez

I'm Rubén and I'm from Alcalá de Henares. My hobbies are playing football and training children. I am training two teams, one of them is a team of children of 6 years old and another one, the kids have 14 years old. Also I´m playing paddle with my friends, but it is of an amateur way, just for enjoying. I like watching movies and sleeping. I am studying EFL Primary Teacher Degree because I think this is a beautiful profession. I like children and i like teach them. I think in this profession you can teach and learn and it is really rewarding. Talking about English language i have to say that it is very important to know this international language because it is essential for speaking with people from other countries. I know that, because I have been studing 1 year in Austria and I had to talk with people in English, because if not it would be impossible.

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