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This is the class where we develop our lessons. It is the class of second of primary, where my teacher is tutor. We have an English lesson with the children of first of primary.  Normally in the schools that I done my other practicums, the English teacher went with the materials to the classroom and the children did not move on. In that school is different, each specialist teacher moves the children to their classroom. In my school all the specialist teachers are tutors. I think that it is good because the teacher have all the materials and resources (flashcards, posters…) in the same place, so she can use them at whatever time. In the other way if she went to the children’s classroom, she could not carry all the materials.  For example sometimes she uses flashcards from other units, to connect the contents. So in my class you can find resources in English and in Spanish language.

That classroom is called Olivia’s rooms.  Olivia is a cartoon and is the girlfriend of Popeye the sailor. Do you remember who is she?  All the classrooms in my school have got a name, because it is a way to help the PDD students. It is a small classroom. It has got four windows which there are covered by blinds, so it is not an illuminated classroom. Those blinds are never opened, even there are pictures on them. The tables are closer from each other and some tables are very closer to the wardrobes.

You can see that the classroom has got a traditional layout. All the children have got their site. Even the children of first curse how come to the class to learnt English. In spite of it is not their principal classroom they cannot sit where they want.  Normally the lessons are in one direction teacher – students or students- teacher so that classroom layout is appropriate because the children do not have relation with their partners and can look the explication in the blackboard good.  But, when we have done activities where children had to work with their partners they have moved their tables. They know how to move the tables in groups and do it very quickly. But when we finish the group dynamics the traditional layout come back.

Now, I am going to tell you what resources you can see in the photography and other ones. The posters that you can see in the walls are Spanish posters, so we do not use in the English class. The posters that normally we use in the English class are the alphabet and there are hanging in the shelves.  Around the class there are flashcards related with the topic that we are working like the planets, the body… Other resources that we use in class and you can see in the photography are the beamer, the computer, the speakers and the whiteboard. It is a special blackboard because it a digital board and normal blackboard. The teacher can write with chalk there and can write with the digital pencil, so it is amazing. There are some wardrobes with books (in English and Spanish language), boards games and teacher’s documents. Other resources that you cannot see are posters or flashcards which my teacher uses in their lesson but there are not in the walls of the class.

Finally I am going to explaining some routines that we do in the English lessons. The English lessons have got the same structure. We start the lesson with the assembly, do a page of the workbook or the activity the book and copy the homework in the agenda. In the assembly we work some basic vocabulary like the weather, the date, the colours, the alphabet or the numbers thought games. It is a way to change their mind to speak in English. When they copy the homework in the agenda, teacher checks if they have done it correctly. In spite of, there are some behaviours which have meaning for children. For example, when she switches off the light they know that they are speaking a lot.



Ángela Arranz Ortiz

About Ángela Arranz Ortiz

Hi everyone! I am Ángela Arranz and I am 21 years old. I live in a little city closer to Madrid called Torrejón de Ardoz. I am a hard-work, tidy, responsible, active and loving person. Especially I am very tidy. I like to learn new things and help to others. In my short free time I like go out with my friends, read or watch TV series and films. I like travel too. Each august I travel with my family around Europe with our motor-home. I like so much the family live. I am studding to be a primary teacher but I want to be an English teacher. Always I have wanted to be a teacher. When I was children, I did an imaginary classroom with my toys in my room and thought them things that I learnt in the school. But above all, I love children. I think that they are undervalued. Sometimes people forgot that they are the future of the world. So I want to be part of their development as persons. For me, it is very satisfactory to see how the children discover the world thanks to my help. I have experience to work with children too. I have worked with them since I was 16 years old in different jobs in relation with children: summer camp counselor, baby sitter and tennis teacher. Teaching tennis is wonderful because I am with children and teach them my favorite sport. It is fun and I learn many things from them. It is also different because it taught children 4 years and am used to working with elementary school children. But I like so much work with young children. Definitely be a teacher is my perfect job.

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