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Hi everyone!

I’m going to describe many aspects about my school. Firstly, I can say you about its data identification, so I’m in a bilingual school named “Federico Garcia Lorca”, which is a public school. This center teaches only for Infant Education and Primary Education. Finally, I should like to say that this center is situated in a village near to Alcalá de Henares, in Camarma.

In fact, the collaboration with the center’s directorate I could mention more particularly notes such as schooling and facilities. In the first place, the center has 836 students schooling, who are 313 pupils in Infant Education, 523 in primary Education and 33 students of them are in Special Need Education. As for, the facilities, in my opinion are badly distributed because I feel that students in the same year cannot separated between them like the fourth year, but the truth is that in general it has a mix about old and new facilities, I’m explain that, on the one hand we can see the new buildings (Infant Education building and main Primary building), in contrast we can see the old building, where I’m going to there every days, as I see it as an additional Primary Education building (it’s in other side than the other one).

Moreover, I can also be argued what my school carries out as programmes running such a ICT and bilingualism programme. Likewise, there are other programmes or plans but the other ones are the “official” projects to work this year. These plans are: plan to improve the necessary knowledge and skills using and preparing their classes to evaluation such a CDI tests, Reading Promotion Plan and Reading Comprehension, a Plan of Attention to Diversity as regular reinforcement and specific support and Action Plans to the educational community. For this reason, I explain the second one project, the bilingualism. In the lower courses of Primary Education they can do the Trinity Exam (GESE), so pupils who are in the first cycle can prepare the Grade 3 exam, the second cycle are preparing Grade 4 or 5 depending on their level while students, teachers, assistants and practical student of university are working to their oral exam. As for students of sixth of Primary Education can do the PET or KET exam by Cambridge Examinations. These exams are subsidized by the center.

Finally, I can say you that I’m teaching in the second cycle of Primary, in the fourth year (two of four classes), where there are children of ten years old. Also, I can mention about my teacher, who teaches English, Science and Art.

Thank you for reading ‘me’! Hope to spend a nice week!

See you soon!


Jorge Martín Francia

About Jorge Martín Francia

My name is Jorge and I am going to tell you about myself. Firstly I give you my basic information such as I am 21 years old, I live in Alcalá de Henares but my hometown is Zamora. To sum up my introduction, I think it is important to know my main interests which are reading mystery books and history magazines, listening to music, travelling in my car around Spain’s towns, doing sports like football, cycling and running. Nowadays, I am studying Primary Education in the last year and I have chosen EFL as a speciality. I felt that my decision to become a teacher had been right a long time ago. I also knew right then I have still a long way to go. No matter what the underlying motivation to study a second language, what cannot be disputed is the fact that motivation is an important variable when examining successful second language acquisition.

One thought on “Introduction to my last practical experience

  1. Good and complete description, but you should be careful with language. For example, ‘directorate’ should be ‘head department’. Also, linking words “I can also be argued’, for example, I suppose you meant “it can also be argued”.
    Try to revise linking words and create paragraphs in a clearer way, as the information you’re giving is satisfactory.

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