School: facilities and programmes

I’m doing my Practicum in the bilingual school Joaquin Blume. This school offers Infant Education and Primary Education.  It is located in Torrejón de Ardoz, more specifically, in “Los Fresnos”. It is an expansion zone rounded by many resources such as Municipal Sports Centre or the cultural centre named “The Art Box”.

Joaquin Blume bilingual school is composed of four buildings (Infant Education, Primary Education, library and gym). This is possible because they made a facilities extension in the last years.

This school has some projects running like “Bilingual Project” and they have a school chorus. Chorus is developed in non-school hours. Also they have an external project called “Comenius Regio” with Edinburgh. It is about preparation of bilingual material for students.


About Gabriela Arriero Montoza

I'm Gabriela and I'm from Torrejón de Ardoz. My hobbies are riding a horse (my horse's name is Jardinero), watching TV series and making desserts and cakes. I am studying EFL Primary Teacher Degree because I think this is a beautiful profession. I like kids and I like to teach them also I think English is one of the most important languages of the world.

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